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Smart Manufacturing Platform (SMP)

Create a platform that enable manufacturer can visual and find insight of their factory devices, equipment and machines utilization and performance in real -time. This will help our clients to perform predictive maintenance before machine break down which will affected the production down time and yields. Furthermore, it enable manufacturer find insight to fully optimized the usage of resources in their organization. The data will host in public cloud and our service charge by subscription fees.

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Connected Logistic Platform

The platform enable care provider to visualize the devices/ equipment health in real-time , in order to prevent theft, anti-counterfeit, track & trace and visualize the goods movement and condition in near real-time.

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Asset & operation visibility and Analytic solution

Build a Solution of Asset & operation Visibility and Analytic which is based on client premises or their private cloud. So that our clients able to visual and analysis their production performance and resource in house. The data will be host in client premise data center or their private cloud and we sell the solution.

Go to Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT gateway and Tag for Anti- Counterfeit, Traceability and Digital Marketing

Big Data Analytic & Digital Marketing Services

We provide Big Data Analytic & Digital Marketing Services to our clients in order to find insight of end consumers buying pattern and behaviour toward their products.

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Identification & Traceability Solution

We provide identification from raw material until finished product, so that the manufacturers can trace the quality and process of thier production.

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We offer Consultation, Technology , Implementation & Big data analytics Services
" One Thing One Code " Technology unable manufacturers to trace & visualize from raw materials until end consumers in Transparency, Connection & Trustworthy way.

Supremesoft (M) Sdn Bhd was established since year 2004 by a group of professional who are specialized in Manufacturing & Supply Chain industries. We help our clients by offering a solution and platform to collect data by IOT with " One Thing One Code" technology and send them to cloud for Big data Analytic to find insight for predictive and optimization their business activities.

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